BIG Days require BIG Ideas......... and still with attention to the tiniest detail.

Jenny, Katie and Madison are ready with ideas to share and ready to seamlessly execute yours. What does your reception or party look like in your mind's eye? What is the budget? What are the musts and no-gos?

We plan every detail to allow you to have time to enjoy yourself when the guests arrive by creating a schedule and timeline that keeps you stress free and everyone on track. We play your day in our minds over and over until there's no room for error.

We are onsite - but in the background - solving unforeseen problems, bringing our special brand of light and energy to the mix and lying in wait for when it is time to start the clean-up. Yes, we handle that too.

"Jenny is fantastic!  It’s impossible to believe I had 100 people in my home last night!  She should give ‘No Stress’ buttons to hosts before every party.  She’s that good! They came in and removed every piece of furniture; organized the rentals; set up the bar; purchased and arranged the flowers; coordinated the catering; and then after the event, put everything back the way it was. It’s like no one was even there! I’m really impressed.”

- Tom Oreck, Asheville, NC