Travers | Providing the fireworks and the WOW on all fronts.

Travers | Providing the fireworks and the WOW on all fronts.

Travers Crump

Mover | Packer

Travers, as with everyone on the team, is a doer. He works with purpose, efficiency and care and incorporates a sense of teamwork and sensitivity into every aspect of a project. He has an innate ability to anticipate next steps and to be ready, and his concern for what the client wants is invaluable.

I appreciate seeing how grateful people are. We arrive and you can tell they are nervous. These are their things! Moving is stressful! But once they see how careful we are and how good we are at what we do, you see them start to relax and know everything is going to be great.”

Travers goes out of his way to bring what he calls, “the Wow Factor;” that above-and-beyond service that brings Jenny to the Rescue clients a sense that they made the right choice. He also knows that what makes the crew well-above-average is their reliability, relate-ability and tremendous work ethic. He has those traits too.

When Travers isn’t helping this company be all it can be, he’s soaking up time with his 4 kids. This family loves water parks, sports and cookouts and Travers puts on a fireworks show every year that would put our National Parks to shame.

"I've always been impressed with his versatility. He instills confidence.
Amazing at hanging art!"
- Mary Kay

"He is efficient beyond comparison. There's no one like him."
- Judy

"John is the hardest worker I've worked with. The moving side of JTTR exists because of his experience, dedication and energy. He is patient and caring with our clients and plans each move and organizing job with accuracy and detail. He is simply amazing."
- Jenny

"I have never seen anyone take charge and organize a move better than he does. The way he handles our clients' most valuable possessions is what sets him a part. He also can put together a gallery wall of art better than anyone I know!"