Rease | Young and mighty.

Rease | Young and mighty.

In a single day, John can organize a garage, estimate a job on the other side of town, stop by a home supply store for shelving and more supplies, go to the YMCA for a run, get home to type up the estimate, walk the dogs and visit the warehouse to see if everything is ready for the next day's early morning.

Rease German


Rease brings great energy and an amazing work ethic to every project and right out of the gate, he was part of the Crew moving clients to Oklahoma and New York.

Ah, youth! But youth does not mean lack of experience or intuition because Rease has both. He throws himself into projects after taking in “the lay of the land” and follows each move’s particular game plan.

"I've always been impressed with his versatility. He instills confidence.
Amazing at hanging art!"
- Mary Kay

"He is efficient beyond comparison. There's no one like him."
- Judy

"John is the hardest worker I've worked with. The moving side of JTTR exists because of his experience, dedication and energy. He is patient and caring with our clients and plans each move and organizing job with accuracy and detail. He is simply amazing."
- Jenny

"I have never seen anyone take charge and organize a move better than he does. The way he handles our clients' most valuable possessions is what sets him a part. He also can put together a gallery wall of art better than anyone I know!"