Pat | Setting the Perfect Stage

Pat | Setting the Perfect Stage

Pat Reichenbach

Organizer | Unpacker | Stager

Complete turnkey movers are rare, but that’s what we do and Pat not only helps unpack and organize items between old and new residences, she stages the new home so it’s move-in ready. And she excels at it. Pat is a genius in this arena. She and Mary Kay make amazing things happen when staging a new space and it’s because they understand the meaning of “home.” When clients see their things in their new space, the process of moving in has begun and we love providing this service.

Pat has an eye for placement and design and when the client reaches their new home, she has thoughtfully placed items and arranged belongings to specifications. It’s a dream for those tired families who are ready to get in and not wade through a sea of boxes.

"I've always been impressed with his versatility. He instills confidence.
Amazing at hanging art!"
- Mary Kay

"He is efficient beyond comparison. There's no one like him."
- Judy

"John is the hardest worker I've worked with. The moving side of JTTR exists because of his experience, dedication and energy. He is patient and caring with our clients and plans each move and organizing job with accuracy and detail. He is simply amazing."
- Jenny

"I have never seen anyone take charge and organize a move better than he does. The way he handles our clients' most valuable possessions is what sets him a part. He also can put together a gallery wall of art better than anyone I know!"