Pat | Setting the Perfect Stage

Pat | Setting the Perfect Stage

Pat Reichenbach

Organizer | Unpacker | Stager

Complete turnkey movers are rare, but that’s what we do and Pat not only helps unpack and organize items between old and new residences, she stages the new home so it’s move-in ready. And she excels at it.

“Throughout the day, we work with the client, ask for input, and make suggestions for them to consider. By the end of the day, all boxes, packing paper, trash and donations are taken from the home, or arrangements made for removal at a later time. Before leaving, we check in with the homeowner to review what we’ve completed and to make sure that they are satisfied with our work. Every job is different, but one common denominator is our goal to achieve whatever is most important to the homeowner on that day. It’s very satisfying to bring relief to someone’s level of stress and I see a high level of expertise and care that is the basis of JTTR in every move.”

Pat is a genius in this arena and her detail and work come from owning her own successful business in Florida and her love for connecting with others and participating in the community.

She and her hubby love to trek with their rescue pups, do volunteer work in Black Mountain and enjoy the outdoors and local festivals. You know that phrase about people who live asleep? It does NOT describe Pat.

"I've always been impressed with his versatility. He instills confidence.
Amazing at hanging art!"
- Mary Kay

"He is efficient beyond comparison. There's no one like him."
- Judy

"John is the hardest worker I've worked with. The moving side of JTTR exists because of his experience, dedication and energy. He is patient and caring with our clients and plans each move and organizing job with accuracy and detail. He is simply amazing."
- Jenny

"I have never seen anyone take charge and organize a move better than he does. The way he handles our clients' most valuable possessions is what sets him a part. He also can put together a gallery wall of art better than anyone I know!"