Mary Kay | Steady Client Champion

Mary Kay | Steady Client Champion

Mary Kay Boudewyns

Organizing | Packing & Unpacking | Staging Homes | Decluttering & Sorting

"I live by the old adage, "there is a place for everything and everything in its place! I get great satisfaction from seeing order come from disorder and chaos."

Mary Kay is part of the packing and organizing dream team. While John and Jose are handling logistics, estimates and the heaviest lifting, Mary Kay brings a quiet, steadiness.

Mary Kay is not afraid of getting to "ground zero" when a client has masses to sort and pack, give away or organize and she forges ahead with discernment, care and respect.

When clients are overwhelmed, seeing Mary Kay thoughtfully turning piles into boxes for shipping or storage, watching everything find its way to its proper place is like manna from heaven and she always has the clients' goals and expectations in mind. She operates with a single-minded goal: to make the lives of our clients better.

When not organizing for Jenny To The Rescue, Mary Kay enjoys hiking, gardening, antiquing and spending time with her husband Bob and their cat Piper.

"She is such a diligent worker. Always dives in head first with whatever task she is doing and never complains about anything! She is also always going the extra mile with our clients, which they love!"
- Katie

"Super focused, initiator, a perfectionist and with an eye for detail."
- Jenny

"Mary Kay is amazing at unpacking all the miscellaneous stuff and making sense of it. She gets it all organized and put away quickly."
- John