Madison Brown

Wedding & Event Planner & Assistant

There's planning and then there's execution and when Jenny to the Rescue has been hired to plan a special event or wedding, Madison, along with Jenny, is at the center of the vortex from the moment the request arrives until the last bit of "party" has been hauled away. In other words, she's tireless. Creative, energetic and running on all cylinders.

Madison is Jenny's event planning go-to for brainstorming ideas and trends, researching how to pull off the amazing, treasure-hunting the right vendors and elements and then being present - mentally and physically - the day of to make sure the magical happens and clients are happy.

"Weddings are so intimate, and our clients get special attention. We're a small company that focuses on every detail. We 'take the temperature' of our clients when we arrive, make sure everyone is getting what they need and then we execute our game plan. I love working with Jenny. She and I have a single goal with each event: exceed the clients' expectation."