Katie | Sunny and tireless

Katie | Sunny and tireless

Katie Fournier

Organizer | Packer & Unpacker | Home Manager

If "head-down, laser-focused, bundle of energy" had a face - oh wait - she's right there on the left. Katie is that woman. We all describe her as hard-working, gentle and quiet, friendly, fun and extremely efficient and she's all of that in spades. She loves that her work is different every day, requiring her to be nimble and embrace a new project scope and new clients.

Like the rest of our crew, it's important to her that the results truly help clients, saving them stress and time by easily handling something that seems insurmountable.

"We totally transform spaces and our clients are always so grateful and excited that they found us. We love them; they make the time worthwhile and fun and we can tell they love us too."

It may be a love-fest, but underneath the easy smile and calm coordination is a perfectionist. She's methodical and thorough and focused on getting every detail just right. 

Her alter-ego is a relaxed wife and mother who loves to go to the lake with friends and dog in tow. It's rest that's well-deserved.

"Katie is a quiet, head-down, efficient worker. Friendly to everyone, yet extremely focused."
- Mary Kay

"She's sweet, a great listener, trustworthy, punctual, kind and sensitive to our clients, an invaluable and focused worker."
- Jenny

"Katie is always ready for the next task and she doesn't stop until she's finished with the first one. Super hard worker, courteous and polite to everyone."
- John