Judy | VP of Office Support & Straight Talk

Judy | VP of Office Support & Straight Talk

Judy Oreck

Accounting | Promotions | Behind-the-scenes Support

Judy uses both sides of her brain. She's artistic, developing marketing and promotions, and precise in business - handling our books. Running from left to right parts of her brain depends on the day, but she's integral, both to Jenny, our team and to our daily operations.

Some days, her focus is on accurately chronicling the many business transactions and keeping the accounting and booking straight. Other days, she's exercising her creative side and turning thoughts into smart ways to spread the word.

Judy not only toggles between calculating and musing, she loves to shift her downtime between the beach and mountains.

She loves her work, painting, her delicious grandchildren and the part she plays in our business. As a client of ours for 4 moves she can brag with a clear conscience...

"I want people to tell their friends, 'You won't believe this company - what Jenny and that team can do. It's absolutely incredible!'"

"Judy is experienced, smart, creative and always honest with me no matter what. That’s a big deal with your advertiser and bookkeeper! As a retired business owner, Judy is a wealth of knowledge speaking from experience. JTTR wouldn't be where it's at without her. She continues to create clever advertising and is critical when it comes to running the business. "
- Jenny