José | King of Moving Wit

José | King of Moving Wit

José Sorto

Professional Mover | Organizer | Packer & Unpacker

"No one does what we do. We have a deep care for our clients, care and respect and just as much for their belongings. We're fast, smart and efficient, but we're always showing that care and respect."

José brings humor and enthusiasm to the mix, and considering he works mostly with John on the heavier aspects of projects, he also brings back, legs, arms and fortitude. He is extremely grounded, humble and steady, but he knows what makes us better than other movers: "Our combination of smart, experienced, professional employees is unparalleled."

While he loves that every day is different, José keeps the client primary in his mind. He loves helping people who need it most. "It gives me great satisfaction when I can do things for our clients that they aren't capable of doing for whatever reason."

His favorite project so far? A move from Asheville to Oregon. Friendly customers, a trip across the U.S. and an error free experience for everyone.

José's down-time is filled with a car hobby, trips to the beach with his wife and dog and giving all those muscles a break.

"José is one of the hardest workers I've ever seen and he can do anything with rope and he wasn't a Boy Scout! He always has a positive attitude and if we're in a 'long-day' situation, he's great at making jokes, staying happy.... he keeps up his 'moving wit' for everyone."
- John

"José is completely dependable- he has never, ever let us down in any way; he's a punctual, hard worker - even in 90 degree heat or the snow - José has a positive attitude, cracks jokes - no matter how tired he is or how long the day was."
- Jenny

"He is the kindest person I have ever met. He is also an incredibly hard worker. Constantly asking what he can do for others or if anyone needs any help."
- Katie

"José is an enthusiastic expert at his job."
- Judy