John | Crusader without the cape.

John | Crusader without the cape.

In a single day, John can organize a garage, estimate a job on the other side of town, stop by a home supply store for shelving and more supplies, go to the YMCA for a run, get home to type up the estimate, walk the dogs and visit the warehouse to see if everything is ready for the next day's early morning.

John Williams

Professional Mover & Organizer | Estimator/Sales | Office Manager | Logistics Coordinator | Warehouse Manager | Packer

There are super heroes in the movies and those you meet in life. John is the latter, but shows many of the traits of the onscreen versions. He provides strength and empathy, the 30,000 foot up view of the earth and the microscopic eye for detail and combines the brains and heart needed for each job.

This does not go unnoticed by his coworkers, wife Jenny or our clients. He's physically strong, he's tender-hearted and he has an organization and logistical mind that is formidable.

Not only does John handle the planning for a move, he's built custom crates for treasured art, set up transfers from trucks to ships - land to sea and back again - and is so impeccably organized that boxes appear, are unloaded, broken down and disappear with no stress to clients.

As warehouse manager, he also keeps track of everything our crew will need to handle each request efficiently.

Attention to detail, an amazing memory, a serious strangle hold on math, timing, weights, measurements .... he calculates and still takes the time to understand every single client's situation. It's personal and professional to him and that's why he's so vital to us and to our clients.

John loves his work, loves challenges, loves making clients happy and loves his boss. 

"I've always been impressed with his versatility. He instills confidence.
Amazing at hanging art!"
- Mary Kay

"He is efficient beyond comparison. There's no one like him."
- Judy

"John is the hardest worker I've worked with. The moving side of JTTR exists because of his experience, dedication and energy. He is patient and caring with our clients and plans each move and organizing job with accuracy and detail. He is simply amazing."
- Jenny

"I have never seen anyone take charge and organize a move better than he does. The way he handles our clients' most valuable possessions is what sets him a part. He also can put together a gallery wall of art better than anyone I know!"