Jenny | Organizer-in-Chief

Jenny | Organizer-in-Chief

Jenny To The Rescue has grown because she shows so much love to clients, works harder than everyone else, is discerning in her choice of crew members and has vision. She really does hope to give people their time back, their lives back and to make the process of moving and organizing something easy for customers.

Jenny Williams

Founder | Inspiration | Heart & Soul of the Company

A conversation with Jenny will either give you a lump in your throat, make you shake your head with admiration (and astonishment), motivate you to be a better human or wonder what you're doing with the 24 hours you've been given every day. The answer for those of you keeping score at home is All of The Above.

She's the client-focused, service-oriented, planner, worker, multi-tasker, and smiling supporter we all are in our dreams.

Jenny is the scheduler of everyone and everything - clients and employees. She's the “office person,” handling all the phone calls, filing, billing, emails, and invoices. She oversees everything from the first client contact to the choice of stitching on the crew's uniforms to the sorting and delivery of donations. She's chief organizer, strategist, wedding & party planner and inspiration to the crew.

But Jenny is not some automaton. She has an enormous smile and heart and makes it her job not to judge, but to bring care to concerns, clarity to chaos and organization to people's lives. "For me, it's about hope and will. I have the will to get the job done, no matter how big. Our clients have hope and hope is priceless."




"Jenny has an exceptionally reassuring manner with clients.
She goes above and beyond to meet every need. If something needs to be done,
she does it. I'm not sure she ever says no."
- Mary Kay

"There is so much I could say! First of all, she is hands down the BEST at what she does. She is an incredible organizer - can walk into a room, has an eye for how she wants it to look, and by the end of the day, she has completely nailed it!"
- Katie

"Jenny is amazing. She's determined, motivated, beautiful,
a hard worker, intelligent, colorful, well-rounded and I love her."
- John (relax; John's her husband...!)