Trust and Care : We deliver both

You should be able to get away without worry, for whatever length of time. Right?
If you are on an extended vacation, at another residence for the season, on a long business trip, globe-trotting or simply escaping the day-to-day for a few weeks, we want you to leave your home knowing it's not in good hands, it's in reeeeally capable ones.

Jenny or one of our crew members will watch over every aspect of your home and property while you're away. We don't invade, we just keep careful watch over your property, meet with contractors if necessary, even prepare for guests or your return home.

What We Manage:

  • Regular home watch and inspection services
  • Regular mail and package pick up
  • Water plants
  • Meet with exterminators or other scheduled appointments 
  • Supervise hot tub and swimming pool maintenance 
  • Schedule cleaning services
  • Assistance with house staff, including hiring if necessary 
  • Prepare for homeowner's arrival including but not limited to: shopping for food, flowers, freshening the linens, adjusting the temperature

What Clients Receive:

  • Plenty of worry-free sleep
  • A lack of stress and unanswered questions
  • Freedom to enjoy time away
  • Uninterrupted maintenance and care
  • A home ready for your return

We connect and work with local and reputable companies to see to upkeep
of gutters, trash collection, repairs, and any painting or refurbishing when needed.
If there is a service you need that is not on our list, please call or email Jenny to make special arrangements.

Doing a home exchange or lending your home to friends or family? This service is for you. It's simple. And the peace of mind is free.