There is no judgment.
We have seen it all and can handle whatever you throw at us.
Consider us your ally. We work hard for you and the hugs are free.

After reviewing your goals, concerns and inventory, we help get you to a place of clarity. We listen, work within your budget and never lose touch with the fact that people sometimes find themselves in situations they never conceived or expected. We believe in the basic core values of humanity, empathy, hard work and care and we hope that this is evident to our clients. We've found over the years, that these clients are often overwhelmed and what we can accomplish and how we provide it with respect and dignity.
Here's why...

Jenny: "One story that stays with me is that of a woman who had lost her parents within 6 months of each other, inherited everything of theirs and was simply drowning under the strain and volume of it all. Extremely depressed, she let things pile up and go untouched for 10 years. She cried every time I arrived and every time I left with my car filled to the top with huge garbage bags. Every session, we made progress and finally when we reached the bottom of just the living room, I found a dead squirrel. She started to cry. I looked her right in the eyes with assurance: 'this isn't the first dead squirrel I've seen during a clean out. Don't worry; just bring me a grocery bag and I'll scoop him up.' It took many, many sessions to clean out her entire house and we even discounted the use of a U-Haul we'd already rented because I knew she couldn't afford it.

There was so much sadness and shame in her life. It motivated me. When we finally finished, I realized that we'd given her her life back. There was no more embarrassment when people came to her door. She could cook in her kitchen again and find all the memories and items that mattered to her.

It's not my job to judge. It's my job to help people move through whatever is in the way. Seeing that gratitude and transformation is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I see hope in our clients and hope is priceless."



Whatever you no longer need or use, we take and recycle, sell or donate to others who can use it and who really need it. It's a core value of ours. Learn more...

"Jenny was prompt and full of energy from start to finish! I had no idea where to start but Jenny charged ahead with no hesitation. My basement was full of 'stuff' and she knew how to sort and help me make decisions without telling me what to do.

She had great ideas but also listened to my thoughts and ideas. I can now go into my basement with a feeling of pleasure not the dread I used to have. I have work space and storage space now. The boxes I had from my move several years ago are gone and I know where to find everything. Jenny did all the heavy work; she is awesome!”

Robin Stow, Hendersonville, NC